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Just Imagine Your Happy Place...

and cheese cake

11 February 1985
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Hello. i'm the kind of person who doesn't watch tv that much... i guess... i love to read manga, although lately i haven't been able to find time... I'm considered quiet to people who don't know me, but my family members usually tell me to shut up after a while... ;). I love school. yes. i am a uber nerd, who loves the gentle drone of a teacher's lecture. I enjoy helping people with their homework. i suppose some would say it's because i'm a poot, but meh.
i'm a small fraction of a woman, who is 15 pounds overweight.
asimov, bakerys, beatles, boston, cats, cats cheesecake, chickens ( fer eaten':), civil war reenacting, dogs, fleetwood mac, food, friends, guitars, my left big toe, science class, see's candy's stores., the police, to read